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Old POTC Plot Bunny Revivals
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Reviving POTC plot bunnies, one rabbit at a time
This is a Fic/Art Challenge community for work based on "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl". Neither of the sequels is accepted as canon on this comm.

Challenges will be announced by the Mods as we think them up. All members are encouraged to participate, whether they've written fic or done art in the past or not.

The Rules

Stories in this comm must be based on COTBP and vary from the official canon prior to the start of DMC. New characters from DMC and AWE may be used, but stories that assume DMC and/or AWE are canon are not within this comm's purview. (see this mod post for a fuller explanation)

All ratings and pairings are welcome. Character- and pair-bashing are strictly not allowed. (Bashing is defined as blatant insults aimed at a character, pairing or group of fans which serves no purpose in the story.) If you bash, the mods will request that you edit out the bashing. Those who fail to do so or are repeat offenders will have their posts deleted and, if they continue, be banned from the Comm.

If you're working on something and hit a rough patch, don't hesitate to post here saying so. That goes double if you want someone to look it over and make suggestions to get you started again-- like a beta reader. If someone gets stalled on something you want to see finished, encourage them not to give up.

Do not post WIPs on the comm. If you want to give people access to a partial fic, post it in your own LJ and put a link in your comm post.

All stories or poems should include the following headers:
Author's Notes
Links to prior segments if it's a revived WIP or part of a series

All art should include the following headers:
Artist's Notes

Try to keep the Author's/Artist's notes to 5 lines or less.
All fic larger than a drabble or with a rating higher than PG-13 must be behind a cut or a pseudo-cut linking to your own journal.
All art larger than an icon should be behind a cut.


These icons are available to all community members: