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Yo ho, ho, and a bottle of- Oh hey! THERE you all are ... - Old POTC Plot Bunny Revivals [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Old POTC Plot Bunny Revivals

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Yo ho, ho, and a bottle of- Oh hey! THERE you all are ... [Sep. 4th, 2011|06:03 pm]
Old POTC Plot Bunny Revivals



WOW. There has been a LOT of response to my post a little over a week ago seeking prompts for Norrington stories. So many ideas! So far, a few have been filled, which I've collated here:

Pirate Attack! by binkie_86

A Game of Cat and Wig by cassiopaya

TWO ficlets by ericadawn16 (By the by, you CAN fill more than one prompt. IT ARE AWESOME.)

Pinned by rispacooper AND Check and Mate by pir8fancier (Additionally, you CAN fill a prompt that's already been filled if that's what your ickle heart desires. IT ARE AWESOME ALSO.)

A Fine Man by classics_lover

Imagination by anactoria

ALSO, FOR YOU ARTISTS: I forgot to include this with the original post, but we TOTALLY accept art in place of or in addition to fic. I can't believe I didn't think of it! (Quick, somebody hand me a V-8) I can't draw much better than stick figures to save my life, so I appreciate someone who can. (Hint: So will your recipient.)

THERE ARE MANY, MANY PROMPTS LEFT. Just point your bow and sail over to this post to read them all and make your selection. (If you have a prompt you'd like to add, go ahead - hey, maybe somebody will still see it and want to fill it.)