Cake or Death?

Fanfiction: The Hardest of Winters, Chapter 4 of The Saga of Giselle

Title: The Hardest of Winters
Style: Prose
Genre: Drama
Rating: R
Length: Drabble
Warnings: Prostitution, Language, Infanticide, Prison
Authoress: cassiopaya
Characters: Giselle
Word Count: 345
Disclaimer: Not mine…not yet.
Dedication: greeneyespurple
Summary: The story of Giselle’s origin, from London whore to Tortuga bride.
Notes: The consequences of imprisonment.

brain candy santa

And then there were two

It is with heavy hearts that pir8fancier and I feel we need to let this community know that on Thursday, we lost our co-moderator, gryphons_lair, as she died peacefully in her sleep. Diane was diagnosed about a year-and-a-half ago with a brain tumor; she had an operation that put her in remission for several months, but in mid-2011, the tumor returned and was determined to be inoperable. She spent the last several months in hospice care, and for much of that time, was on her feet going out with friends, attending political rallies for workers' rights, bird-watching, and generally enjoying time with friends that, sadly, many people don't get a chance to take advantage of before the end.

Late last year, several of you contributed to a 'fest we sort of threw together hastily, involving Norrington - I didn't say so at the time, but it was for Diane, because he was one of her favorite POTC characters. (In fact, in real life, she volunteered aboard a tallship used for educational purposes and that actually sailed with a crew and everything; this was one fan who really knew her naughty nauticals!) We wanted her to be able to enjoy the contributions while she was still able, and pir8fancier and I didn't know how much time she had left to do that.

Diane was in her early 50s and before she was diagnosed, she spent much of her career in government work, helping people with medical issues obtain the services they very much needed. She was a beloved aunt, sister, friend - you name it - and the world's a little dimmer now. She was a joy to work with for the community, and it was also an honor to call her a friend and fellow fan.

You're not required to do anything but read this. If you feel a need to do something, donate to the charity of your choice; if you need help deciding, I'm sure anything that helps cancer or hospice patients would have been appreciated by Diane. Or, if you have a fond memory or funny story about her, feel free to share it in the comments. She was one of the originators of this community following the release of the POTC sequels, thinking of it as a place where "old-school" fans could go to find or resurrect old stories.

(And I'm using one of my Santa icons, since that's something Diane used to do for fellow fans during the holidays, too - "hat" their favorite icons upon request.)

Fic: My Little One

Title: My Little One
Author: Binkie_86
Words:  542
Rating: G
Warnings: Un-beta’ed.
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean and its associated characters belong to Disney and I made no profit off of this fic. I only borrowed them for a bit.
Author's Notes: *wibble* In response to ericadawn16’s prompt: “James Norrington and… a baby...” 

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Navy Boys!

WIG FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Again)

Title: Sea Turtle
Style: Prose
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG – 13
Length: Fic
Pairings: None
Warnings: Wigfic!
Authoress: cassiopaya
Characters: Jack, Sophie, Jenny, and Esme.
Word Count: 1,160
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Dedication: pir8fancier
Summary: A pirate escape from the HMS Dauntless is nearly foiled!
Notes: Part of the Norrington Fanfic Fest! Inspired by pir8fancier’s prompt: 2. Wigs. Manacles. Rum. Blindfolds.

well hung

Yo ho, ho, and a bottle of- Oh hey! THERE you all are ...


WOW. There has been a LOT of response to my post a little over a week ago seeking prompts for Norrington stories. So many ideas! So far, a few have been filled, which I've collated here:

Pirate Attack! by binkie_86

A Game of Cat and Wig by cassiopaya

TWO ficlets by ericadawn16 (By the by, you CAN fill more than one prompt. IT ARE AWESOME.)

Pinned by rispacooper AND Check and Mate by pir8fancier (Additionally, you CAN fill a prompt that's already been filled if that's what your ickle heart desires. IT ARE AWESOME ALSO.)

A Fine Man by classics_lover

Imagination by anactoria

ALSO, FOR YOU ARTISTS: I forgot to include this with the original post, but we TOTALLY accept art in place of or in addition to fic. I can't believe I didn't think of it! (Quick, somebody hand me a V-8) I can't draw much better than stick figures to save my life, so I appreciate someone who can. (Hint: So will your recipient.)

THERE ARE MANY, MANY PROMPTS LEFT. Just point your bow and sail over to this post to read them all and make your selection. (If you have a prompt you'd like to add, go ahead - hey, maybe somebody will still see it and want to fill it.)


Fic: Check and Mate by pir8fancier (PG-13/4635 words)

Author: pir8fancier
Title: Check and Mate
Pairing: Sparrington
Summary: Set in the Your Move 'verse, somewhere in the middle of Chapter 4 before James' big, bad secret is revealed to Gillette and Groves. Jack's been away, James misses him, is worried about him, and then is sent on an odious diplomatic mission whereupon he meets a beautiful stranger.
Warnings: None, running about a PG-13.
Prompt: by veronica_rich lace and fan.
Dedication: For gryphons_lair.
Author's Notes: Thanks to veronica_rich for the beta! Also thanks to la_atrevida regarding the protocol for formal Spanish surnames.

Grant was the actual governor of Florida during 1763 (which is the arbitrary date I set this piece, because who in the HELL knows when the movie was set), and he was born at some estate up in Scotland. de Bolea was also Capitán of Cuba as well; I'm not sure he was a Don, but I assume he was. The British sacked Cuba in like 1761, and in a swap the Spanish gave the Brits Florida in exchange for getting Cuba back. The sovereignty over the Florida Keys actually was a bone of contention. The Spanish claimed that they remained theirs and the Brits contended that they were part of the deal when they were given Florida. So this piece actually has some historical fact behind it!

"Blast and damn," I muttered under my breath and threw the letter on the floor in frustration. Then realizing this was behavior most unbecoming to a commodore of His Majesty's Royal Navy, I picked it up, smoothed it out, and then thwacked it with the flat of my hand.Collapse )

Navy Boys!

WIG FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: A Game of Cat and Wig
Style: Prose
Genre: Wig!fic
Rating: PG - 13
Length: Ficlet
Prompt: Courtesy of aletheiafelinea
Pairings: None
Warnings: Crack!fic
Authoress: cassiopaya
Characters: Sophie, Commodore Norrington’s wig, and the ship’s cat.
Word Count: 666
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Who could know that the ship cat is pregnant? Four kittens?! In the best Commodorial wig???!!!
Notes: This should have more Norrington in it…

Norrington #2

Prompt: Pirate Attack!

Title: Pirate Attack!
Author: Binkie_86
Words: 1,066
Pairing: Norrington/Groves (Grovington)
Rating: PG to PG-13 for shameless flirting
Warnings: Slash, but nothing explicit. Un-beta’ed.
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean and its associated characters belong to Disney and I made no profit off of this fic. I only borrowed them for a bit.
Author's Notes: Slutbunny!Groves!  Out-of-character silliness. Written mostly stream-of-conciousness, hence the choppiness. This might not be what the prompter intended (I apoligize if this is so), but my brain tends to lean a little on the dirty side. ;) Kudos to those who recognize the Ultraviolet reference. Hee.  

In response to aletheiafelinea’s prompt:  
“A bigwig of the Admiralty is going to visit Port Royal. And he heard that there were complaints about pirate attacks recently. And Fort Charles' jail is currently empty, oh no! (hint: Lieutenant Groves looks fine in pirate garb, and didn't he always want to be one...?)”
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